Our Company

Plymouth Partners Group was established with one goal in mind - to represent tenants in the search for solutions to their real estate needs. We act solely on our client's behalf and have no ties to any landlords. By remaining independent, we are able to evaluate properties strictly from the standpoint of meeting our client's criteria, leveraging the best deal possible while avoiding potential conflicts of interest.

Plymouth Partners Group provides real estate analytical, advisory and implementation services. Our primary focus is representing companies seeking to lease, purchase and/or develop space for their own use.

Based in New York City, Plymouth Partners Group operates nationally, both directly and through affiliations in the major markets. The range of clients we serve is comprehensive, covering all sizes, fields and industries. We stay with and support our clients throughout the entire facilities decision-making process, every step of the way.

Our Philosophy

Since our first day of business, the objective of Plymouth Partners Group has been to offer unmatched, highly personalized service to our clients through research, skill and experience. After carefully determining our clients' needs and analyzing all possible solutions, we secure the most effective space at the most favorable terms.

We find answers and solid solutions for our clients, implementing creative strategies and guiding them throughout the decision-making process. With our in-house depth of talent, we have been able to create a unique organization.

During the past decade, we have witnessed many changes in the real estate industry. Securitization, changes in technology and the growth in corporate consolidations have had a major impact. Markets have grown in response to industries, neighborhoods have evolved and certain urban areas have boomed. As markets and client needs change, we will continue to evaluate our services, staying on top of changes. Through constant updating and growth, we have been able to provide ever-improving assistance to our clients.

Integrated Expertise

Plymouth Partners Group is uniquely structured to provide our clients with the specialized skills and experience essential to achieve a successful outcome. We maintain a working environment that respects and enhances our employees' individual strengths. This approach results in a productive synergy among our employees, one that extends to client contacts.

Our staff of professionals possesses backgrounds in law, finance, accounting, architecture and construction, as well as the various branches of real estate. Our four areas of specialty are leasing, consulting, equity and research. We assemble teams for each assignment, focusing only on the requirements of the project at hand; unlike other firms, our work is truly collaborative. Internal competition is non-existent, and all members of the organization share our centralized information systems. Each project draws upon the resources of the entire organization. The depth and coordination of our total real estate expertise made available to clients is unparalleled in the industry. Recently, one of our projects was nominated for the Real Estate Board of New York's Most Ingenious Deal of the Year Award.

On the broader scene, we maintain ongoing contact with the governmental agencies, utility companies, financial institutions and other decision-makers who directly influence real estate conditions. This network fosters farsighted, active participation in the daily life of the marketplace, and produces an ongoing series of reports to the corporate community on real estate-related topics. By staying on top of trends and focusing on more than just day-to-day activities, we can provide insight and knowledge to our clients that they would not otherwise have.


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