Clients - Case Study: TSE Cashmere

TSE Cashmere, the world-renowned high-end retailer and fashion house, was in the enviable position of having had its business grow so much that it needed to double its office/showroom space. It was paying premium rent for 10,000 square feet in Manhattan’s Plaza District. While it was well located, the space projected a more conservative image than it wanted. TSE would maintain its retail location in the Plaza District, on Madison Avenue.


TSE needed to double its space while not spending any additional amount for rent. Rather than remain in the Plaza District — one of Manhattan’s highest-priced areas — it was willing to be a "pioneer" and move to an up-and-coming neighborhood. TSE was hoping to shed the Plaza District’s safe, conservative image, in favor of a more cutting-edge location. One of the biggest concerns was keeping TSE’s employees happy. A new location had to make them want to come to every day, inspire their creativity and be exciting. Since the Fashion Industry is driven by image, a new location needed to not only maintain TSE’s already stellar image, but to enhance it.


Finding a solution required a careful analysis of the fashion industry by Plymouth Partners Group, then a thorough search of the neighborhoods deemed suitable. The West Chelsea and Meat Packing Districts were at the top of the list, since they were on the cutting edge of what was happening in New York. The Media Arts Center (450 West 15th Street), at the border of these two areas, was selected as the best building. It had just been completely renovated and converted from a warehouse and was gaining a reputation as the home to hip, style-conscious businesses. This high-energy, exciting location gave TSE Cashmere the identity it wanted at the right price.
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